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bullet.gif (1185 bytes) Bear Coal Company Somerset, Colorado

Complete permit application, acquisition, modification, and amendments; supervision of surface water control system construction; layout and cost new portal face-up, access and coal haulage requirements for underground coal mine.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) Drven Corporation, Inc. Chuitna Project Anchorage, Alaska

Complete capital, labor, and operating supplies cost estimate for proposed multiple coal seam dragline mine including facilities, infrastructure and mine operation. Evaluate increments of production for the project.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) FMC Corporation Skull Point Mine Kemmerer, Wyoming

Incremental analysis of overburden stockpile construction versus in-pit backfilling.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) Kennecott Energy, Antelope Coal Company Antelope Mine Douglas, Wyoming

Assist with preparation of alternative life-of-mine plans for dragline operations; refine and select most favorable layout for detailed economic analysis.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) Kerr Coal Company Kerr Mine Walden, Colorado

Complete detailed mine plan for steeply dipping seam coal mine. Determined volume and material balance requirements. Developed production schedules and reclamation bond estimates.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes)London Aggregates

Complete dragline feasibility study including dragline application at limestone quarry.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) MIBRAG mbH Theissen, Germany

Complete cost estimates and plans for mobile equipment application in concert with traditional bucket wheel excavator and conveyor belt technology in open pit brown coal mines.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) MIBRAG mbH Theissen, Germany

Provide management consulting services in improving productivity and reducing capital and operating costs at open pit brown coal mine in Germany.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) MIBRAG mbH Theissen, Germany

Prepare incremental economic analysis of mobile equipment in a haul back configuration at this open pit, brown coal mining company. This analysis optimized existing chain excavator and bucket wheel excavator technology coal recovery while reducing cost for infrastructure removal and final pit slope reclamation.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) Mission Engineering, Inc. Billings, Montana

Develop feasibility level mine plan and economics for Powder River Basin surface coal mine utilizing dragline methods.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) Mission Engineering, Inc. Billings, Montana

Prepare Mine Plan and reserves for proposed truck shovel operation.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) Pacific Basin Resources Bowie, Colorado

Develop permit applications and modifications required for coal handling and train loadout facilities, including air emissions, surface water control, highway access, bonding, and reclamation plans.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) Thunder Basin Coal Company Black Thunder Mine Wright, Wyoming

Evaluate dragline pit dimensions for optimization, including stripping sequence alternatives, effects of blast casting, and dozer support.

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