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Study: Coal could face bleak future

'Dirty' coal holds ground

Coal Dust Conerns Converse

Scientists hope bacteria are key to limitless energy supply

Promote railroad project, S.D. lawmaker urges

Clean coal's canary

Big Bucks for Wyo

Union Pacific greases flow for Wyo coal

Company moves ahead on plant plans

Day two of a three-day series: Coal's sticker shock Bitter legacy of mining sparked coal tax legislation

Towns gear up amid coal hopes Previous development would benefit Colstrip

Governor announces multibillion dollar transmission line

Frenzied hiring pace likely to continue, coal companies say

Wyoming lawmakers back coal-to-liquid project

Coal giant cooperation

Railroads move to boost Powder River export capacity

Halting the federal hijacking of Wyoming's coal money

KFx Inc loads its first train; product heads to Ohio

Planned coal-to-liquids plant moving ahead with design

'Clean' coal project eyes S. Dakota

Wyo can't give up on 'clean' coal technology

Bull Mountain mine deal sealed

Proposed mine applies for a permit

          Comment Period for Coal Lease Opens

          Mine Ships Billionth Ton of Coal

          Some Businesses Feel 'Churning Effect'

          Coal's resurgence sparks debate

          BLM:  King Coal Will Keep Growing

          Big Increase in Wyoming Coal Output Projected

          Coal mine seeks to expand

          Coal-to-liquid plant proposed

Wyoming Coal Considered for Gasification

Wyoming Competes for 'Clean' Coal

GE Eyes Wyoming Coal

Idled Coal Mine Will Be Reopened

Arch Plans to Reopen Mine

KFx ships first enhanced coal for tests

New School Creek mine will be first since '98

Coal mines exchange leases

Coal serves critical role in United States

Coal prices skyrocket

Coal production surges to 2005 milestone

Wyo. mining industry pleased with EPA air quality proposal

Wyo coal production rises

New mine emerges from coal swap

High prices spur a new coal rush

California rule discourages Wyoming coal plants

Arch Coal to reactivate mine for coal enhancement project

Wyoming coal prices surges to record amid new surge problems

Coal plant near Gillette expected to begin operation year's end

Tire shortage causes problems for coal mines

Arch Coal Reports Strong Performance Despite Rail Problems

Peabody Sells Idled WV Mine to Environmental Firm

Housing For Power Plant Workers May Be Permanent

Peabody Expects Big Jump in Coal Production

State Compete on 'Clean Coal'

Wyoming Coal Prices Keep Surging

Governor Meets with Arch Directors

AML Money Becomes Battlefield in Congress

Governor Backs New Split Estate Law

In The Works

Two Elk Clears Its Air Quality Permit Hurdle

Basin boosts power plant by 100 megawatts

Military Interested in Coal-to-Fuel Technology

Coal Flow Stays Slow

Supreme Court to Hear Coal Plant Case

State Looks at Coal-to-Diesel

FTC Ends Probe Into Arch Coal Buy

Mine Proposal May Get 'Fast Track'

Uncle Sam Calls on Wyo Coal

Eagle Butte Neighbors Concerned With Mine's Move

Energy Politics Focus on Coal

Minerals Push State Revenues Ahead of Forcasts

Testing of 'Clean Coal' Product Underway

State Eyes Future for Coal

Peabody Wins Coal Lease with Record Bid

Feds Scrutinize Rail Rates for Wyoming Coal

Wyoming coal production sets record in '04

Coal keeps cruising

Coal goes for record price

Peabody Energy Buys 324M Tons of Sulfur Coal Reserves

Coal lease bids top $1 billion in '04

WMA News Service 12-16

BLM OK's Coal Company Land Exchange

Mining, Services Lead Casper Job Growth

BLM Rejects Lone Bid for Coal-Rich Land

Coal Plant Siting is a Slow-Burning Process

$1.1 billion in energy royalties goes to Wyoming, other states

Buffalo BLM office gets new manager

Pro-cyanide mining spending tops $2 M

Wyoming Digest-Black Butte Coal Mine Gets New Manager

Converse County presents case for coal plant

Wire, coal enthusiasts stress urgency

Conference Looks at low-grade coal

WMA News Service 10-18

WMA News Service 10-11

WMA News Service 10-4

Wyoming coal mine rates as safest in nation

Wyoming Mining Association News

Stansbury Coal Mine to reopen near Rock Springs

Arch Closes Triton Deal

RAG Coal Sale a Done Deal

Power Plant, Coal Mine Celebrate 30 Years

More Coal Deals Seen in Powder River Basin

Arch Coal swings 2Q profit, vows to press ahead on Triton deal

Request denied for coal plant bond

BLM seeks coal, methane accord

Companies to process cleaner burning coal

Peabody coal bid sets state record

Wyoming revenue increases

New Rules Forseen for Energy Firms

Peabody Bids $274 M for New Coal Lease

K-Fuel Plan Gets Boost From Arch

RAG Completes Sale to Peabody

States Back Off Collusion Claim

FTC Alleges Coal Price Fixing

States Bid to Block Arch's Triton Deal

Rail Expansion Will Mean More Coal Sold

Crow Sign Coal Mine Agreement

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