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bullet.gif (1185 bytes) AMAX Coal West, Inc. Eagle Butte Mine Gillette, Wyoming

Complete postmining topography development and backfilling and grading schedule to meet approximate original topography required for permit revision.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) Cordero Mining Company Gillette, Wyoming

Review and development of modifications to large dragline pit design parameters; estimating dragline productivity; and evaluating alternatives for blast casting at thick seam surface mine.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) FMC Corporation Skull Point Mine Kemmerer, Wyoming

Revised existing mining and reclamation plan regarding topsoil mass balance, backfilling and grading; complete alternative postmining topography and bonding requirements for multiple dipping seam surface mine utilizing truck and shovel methods.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) Kennecott Energy, Antelope Coal Company Antelope Mine Douglas, Wyoming

Assist with preparation of alternative life-of-mine plans for dragline operations; refine and select most favorable layout for detailed economic analysis.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) MIBRAG mbH Theissen, Germany

Organize and conduct mining technology overviews and tours for mine management and technical personnel. Tours included thick seam, steeply dipping, and contour coal mine sites; power plant; ash disposal sites; coal drying, and coal quality control facilities.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) Mission Engineering, Inc. Billings, Montana

Develop feasibility level mine plan and economics for Powder River Basin surface coal mine utilizing dragline methods.

bullet.gif (1185 bytes) Thunder Basin Coal Company Black Thunder Mine Wright, Wyoming

Evaluate dragline pit dimensions for optimization, including stripping sequence alternatives, effects of blast casting, and dozer support.

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